Jim Souper   :   Photographer


Jim Souper is a photographer working in both the natural and man-made landscape. First attracted to the magnificence of the wider vistas of Scotland and the English Lakes, he also looks for the subtle and sometimes abstract beauty to be found in more intimate compositions.

Much of Jim’s work reflects his background as a historian. He is interested in man’s settlement of the natural landscape and the layering of history over time. He likes to explore places where the wilderness and human settlement meet and is drawn to themes relating to the resilience, transience and fragility of life on earth.

Jim enjoys both the contemplative approach to image making allowed by pinhole photography and the dreamlike, sometimes ethereal, quality of the images created. The long exposures required emphasise the contrast between past and present, capturing both the stillness and solidity of rock and buildings and the movement of wind and water. 

Jim is based in West Yorkshire, with a small studio at The Art House in Wakefield. Born and brought up in Warwickshire, he moved north at the age of 18, to study history at Leeds University. Following successful careers in Local Government and IT, Jim returned to full-time study at Batley School of Art and Design. He graduated with a degree in Contemporary Photographic Arts in 2009. He is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and edits their Landscape Group newsletter.